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Land Vehicles


From trucks, trains to taxis, cars to bikes, buses to bull dozers, your little traveller will love to discover the terrific things that go. Inside this land vehicle series you will see bright, bold photographs and detailed knowledge of the job that each vehicle does, where they can be found around the town, and so much more!.

The Land Vehicles set has the following ten encyclopedic cards
1.Macmillan’s Bicycle
2.Cugnot’s Steam Automobile
3.Daimler’s Auto-Bicycle
4.Carl Benz’s Automobile
5.Model T Ford
7.Trevithick’s Steam Locomotive
9.Big Boy
Each card has a hand-painted illustration on the front and encyclopedic facts about it on the back.

Packing Length :11 inch
Packing Width :11 inch
Packing Height : .25 inch

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